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    “We, the team from Babadag, send you our greetings and a lot of blessings”

    In Babadag spring has come and and we see nature becoming alive and joyful. In the same way we rejoice in every day we live because Jesus Christ has brought us back to life and we have reasons to rejoice. Even if sometimes it is hard, the moments of fulfillment give us strength to go on .

    Here we are busy with the daily activities we have with the Kid’s Club, the meetings with the teenagers, the church services and the prayer meetings held in families’ houses. Behind the Kid’s Club building we have a garden in which we’ve planted vegetables that need to be taken care of.

    Bubulea is also of a great help for us, working with us wherever is needed. We also want to thank you for your support in all areas and financially. By doing this you help Bubulea to have a monthly income but we also benefit from his help. May God bless you! Bubulea and Cadina are generally doing fine. Now they moved into Chezbana’s house and that makes it easier for Suraj to come to the kinder garden because it is closer.Their daughter, Rita Eline, grew up and she’s beautiful. She’s now 5 months old.

    Also Cristi and Vandana families are fine, we trie to help them. And we pray for them to be open for a realy changes in their lifes. Cristi continue to play football, and from Vandana family we have a girl in the Kids Club, and she will go to school in september this year.

    On the 8th of march we celebrate Mother’s day in Romania, but in Babadag the mothers are not being respected as they should be even if they work, cook, wash clothes and the little money they gain they spend it for the family. But on this special occasion, as it is every year, the kids from the kid’s Club made with their own hands a card for their mothers and gave it to them on 8th of March. Surely the mothers had great joy to receive that. In that same day we’ve had a meeting at which we’ve invited few women. We served some cookies and juice, then Luci told us the stories of 10 women from the Bible and what was their purpose on Earth. We’ve had a wonderful time in which the mothers were able to to think what’s their purpose in life and why God created them.

    Another celebration which has taken place in the church El-Roi from Babadag was the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection.The teenager and the children, the young people and the old people,we thanked together to Jesus because He died for our sins & we rejoiced because Jesus rose to give us a new life. The children from the Kid’s Club have learned a song about Jesus’ Resurrection and olso the children from the Sunday School have lerned a song and they singed it in church. It was a blessed time by God, a time when everybody was able to compose a song or a poem for the glory of Jesus.

    God let that people on Earth would born and die. We too, here in Babadag went through this process of loosing someone. A teenager from our church, Buha, died in a car accident. He was coming at church all the time and we believe that he was saved. Please pray for his family that they will know Christ.
    If the women had their own meeting, the men had their own, too. God blessed us a lot through some brothers in Christ from Calarasi. From long ago this church has supported us in the ministry from Babadag, through meetings with women or children. Last month we’ve organized a men’s meeting. It was a blessed time when the men where motivated to meditate at their lives, their families and at what they live for. They had the oportunity to pray for each other. After the meeting we had a barbecue together and the men went to relax playing football.
    We are glad that God called us here, in Babadag, to serve Him. Together we can tell people the Good News, to show friendship to those who are cast out and to stand besides those who are in need. This is the mandate of every christian and everyone is in debt to be a witness of the Lord where he is. May God help us!
    Please pray for us that God will help us to serve Him with all our heart.
    Be richly blessed!

    The Babadag team.


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