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    In Babadag…………………..The white snow covers all the town, the trees are filled with snow and the children go with their sleight. Everything is white and beautiful.

    We stepped into a new year, a year of which we don’t know what it will bring, but as snow brings joy we wish that this year will bring us joy and fulfillment.

    December- the month of presents

    December was a month of presents here in Babadag, too.

    Before we entered the Christmas Holiday at the Children’s Club, we met all the children and their sisters and brothers and we gave each one of them a Christmas present. Not only these children received presents but also the ones from Sunday School and the teenagers.

    All of them were so glad & excited so they couldn’t resist keep their present closed till home. For many of them maybe this was the only present they’ve got the whole year. We also felt fulfillment seeing their smiley faces and we were happy that we had a new opportunity to show & to tell these children that we love & care about them.

    Also the family of Bubulea and Cadina was blessed with a wonderful present this month. They have a new member in their family. On 17Th of December, Cadina gave birth to a very nice girl called Rita Eline. She is one month old already.

    On Christmas Eve, we went from house to house with the teenagers in order to sing carols. The second day of Christmas we rejoiced together with the people from church. We sang carols, even the Sunday School children sang a little song and through the message spoken that day we were able to witness about Jesus’ birth.

    We celebrated Christmas as we did every year. We invited 2 families ( Bubulea, Cadana & their children & Iasar, Amide & their daughter) to eat with us. We gave presents to each other and had a wonderful time together to speak with each other, to have fun and to get closer in our relation of friendship. The children were happy to play together.

    We believe that in this month of presents, people from Babadag (children and teenagers we’ve been in contact with) understood that the most important present that they could ever get is JESUS. He is the one who gave himself as a present to the whole world.

    Even if it’s cold, after a short holiday we started again the activity at the Children’s Club. Most of the kids have a cold and some don’t come to kinder garden because they have no warm clothes or winter shoes. We try to help them as much as we can. We are praying for clothes and shoes. All you do for them is great blessing and a real help for us. We are glad for the little we have and are thankful to God for all things.

    Luci and Misa restarted the teenagers meetings on Saturday morning. Misa started teaching three boys how to read and write and after few meetings we can see some progress. Tamara continues to work.

    About Vandana’s family we can tell you that this winter time is the hardest for them. In Babadag it was snowing a lot and was very cold weather and because of that a lot of wood is consumed for heating, but we thank you that with the support you give us we are able to help them and buy them food and what they need.

    Cristi is well. He keeps going at school and at church he is an active child. His family was gone in Portugal and not long ago they came back. Due to the fact that in his house it was very cold this winter he was ill having a cold for few times and we bought medicines for him.

    We’ve made many plans for this year but most of all we want to see something changing in Babadag. we pray that God will work in people’s hearts.

    We want to thank you very much for financially supporting us as a team and the people in Babadag, too!

    We wish you a new year full of blessings and fulfillment!

    The Babadag team


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